1. This hair, skin and body product website lets you know the down n’ dirty on the products you use on your largest organ: your skin! It includes tons of information on cosmetics, hair care, soaps and body washes, nail polish, lotions… the list goes on and on. Just type in the name of something you use and learn what toxic chemicals you’re really using, plus an overall rating!

2. I adore this grocery shopping guide because with the free app you can scan a barcode, search, or just browse products and learn what GMO risks their are, nutritional scoring, and healthier alternatives. “Fooducate’s scientific algorithms grade each product and provide simple, concise explanations [using a] Grading system developed by scientists, dietitians and concerned parents.” This is ESPECIALLY helpful since I learned that artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and all those other MSG-like nasties give me migraines. So in the off chance that I’m in the market for something that’s not certified organic (rarely happens, but still) I can learn ahead of time if I run the risk of severe pain later. Educated decisions are always better! 

3. These next 3 links are to excellent online stores that sell organic seeds, grains, beans, and nuts at very reasonable prices – which is great for those of us not fortunate enough to live near a co-op with a sweet bulk section:


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