Serious Changes Born of a Juice Fast

I’ve mentioned a time or two before that I recently embarked on my first ever juice fast… for 30 days. In all honesty I truly meant to get this blog up and running in time to document the fast, but it just didn’t happen in time. But fear not! I’m planning a 10 day juice fast at the end of April/early May.

I HAVE, however, experienced a myriad of unexpected changes since the completion of my  juice fast. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. I eat mostly vegan now. I have always enjoyed tofu, but these days I adore and crave vegetables – salads, stir fry, stuffed roasted portobella caps, soups… the list goes on for days. Here are two links to what have become staples in my diet:                                                              vegan bacon:   this stuff is seriously amazing.                                                                                                                                                              pizza = vegetable:

2. Artificial sweeteners, and other weird fake additives like MSG give me migraines. I used to drink diet sodas with the best of them. I read articles about how fake sugar tricks your brain and actually makes you hungry and all that other stuff, but after my juice fast I figured a diet soda every now and then couldn’t hurt. I WAS SO WRONG. The first time I drank a diet soda I spent the next 4 days in agony. I was in so much pain I actually missed work – and I try to never miss work. I wasn’t positive that it was the drink that nearly made my head explode, so I essentially performed a controlled experiment on myself and made sure that I was eating clean food, and then introduced a diet soda into the mix. Within 30 minutes… misery. SO, lesson learned. I’m going to avoid artificial additives at all costs. As if the long term health risks weren’t enough…

3. If an animal product is going to enter my home, it damn well better be certified humane and organic. If that statement requires explanation… you haven’t been paying attention. 

4. Organic skin and hair care products are slowly being phased into my life style. I’m the type of gal who stockpiles on lotions and conditioners when something neat is on sale, so I’ve still got a few bottles of lotion that aren’t quite in line with my new principles, but seeing as how skin is the largest organ, it only makes sense to treat it with care 🙂 Additionally, vegan makeup is 99% of what I wear now – who wants animal fat and fish scales on their lips and eyelids?!

5. My tastes have changed. I can now tolerate flavors like fennel seed, anise, vinegar, beets (taste distinctly dirt-like) and also hops. I used to despise anything that tasted remotely similar to black licorice, but since herbal tea was my go-to during the fast, I’m way more accepting of the once reviled flavor. Not saying I love it now, but it doesn’t make me gag. That’s a step in the right direction. I’ve already told you about vinegar. Beets are way more subtle in their dirt flavor, but from the first time I added a beet to my juices to today, I’ve become enamored with their gorgeous colors and am now even growing my own in my first attempt at a balcony garden! Lastly, I once again enjoy hoppy beers, whereas I used to think they tasted like feet. Hmm… vinegar, dirt, feet… oh man I hope this isn’t a bad sign!

I’m sure there’s more, but for now that’s a good solid cross-section of how my life has changed.

Just remember……. you are what you eat! And if you eat with tolerance and acceptance, you will LIVE with tolerance and acceptance!


About katnissg

In high school I was always in shape- i was on the swim team and could eat whatever I wanted. Then came college. Beer, pizza, macaroni and cheese, plus a dingy gym facility that made you feel you needed a shower before you even broke a sweat skyrocketed my weight up to nearly 200 lbs. 2 years after I graduated and had a steady job, I broke up with my boyfriend, moved closer to work (eliminating a 45 minute commute) and revolutionized the way I eat. I lost 60 lbs and felt amazing. These days I love learning about health, clean eating, and food activism. I am a Revolutionary Eater.
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