Kombucha and Apple Cider Vinegar… an Unexpected Love Story


The first time I remember hearing about kombucha tea was when a friend of mine suggested we brew some in order to give her a new starter for her delicious homemade sour dough bread. I’d never tried the stuff, and as of yet have not brewed it. (I ordered my scoby today… so this post will soon be in need of an update as I’ll be the happy sipper of home brewed KT!) Recently, however, I was in Charlotte and took advantage of the opportunity to go shopping at Whole Foods. I was searching for some Raw Coconut Water (by these guys: https://www.facebook.com/harmlessharvest?fref=ts ) which is AHH-mazing. It puts anything posing as coconut water to shame. Incredible.

Anyhow, in the refrigerated drink section, near to the magic that is Raw Coconut Water, were several flavors of kombucha. Now, I’ve become slightly addicted to ginger since I went on a 30 day juice cleanse, so I picked up a couple bottles.

Hmmm… I thought, Not bad! I actually found it very refreshing. I don’t have much in the way of a sweet tooth, so to find a light fizzy beverage that was neither loaded with sugar nor packed with chemicals and additives was a major win.

A couple days later I drank the 2nd bottle.

A few days after that, I was struck with a craving… a serious, NEED IT NOW craving for kombucha! Sadly, I had to leave straight from work to get to my chiropractor, and knew that by the time I got back in town the local natural foods store would be closed. I would have to suffer!

On my drive back home though, a thought occurred: Kombucha smells like vinegar, but is fermented tea which is loaded with probiotics. I’ve gotten healthy enough to be in tune with my body, and typically when I crave something specific my body is trying to tell me something. I have found it wise to listen. (At the risk of TMI here – sorry – when I ignored a craving for yogurt, I was greeted the next morning with a sweet [read: awful] yeast infection; when I ignored a craving for grapefruit, I came down with a wicked cold in a matter of days.) So I figured, I must either be craving something to alkalize my body, or I must be craving some good bacteria. So I got some organic yogurt and some Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.

As soon as I got home, I took 2 shots of vinegar and scooped out a half cup of vanilla yogurt. Call it a dinner for champions. It worked though – I made it through to the next day when I was able to pick up several bottles of KT (I think I went a little overboard… I got one of every flavor!) and haven’t suffered from anything unpleasant.

Regardless of what it was I really needed, probiotics or alkaline deliciousness, I have discovered a new fondness for ACV. I’ve drank a bottle of kombucha every day, and every night I’ve taken at least 1 shot of straight ACV. Most people recommend diluting the vinegar, but my stomach as an iron lining, so I take it straight.

I figure that my health can only benefit from my 2 new loves, which is great, but what an extraordinary event to experience: falling in love with new (and also ancient) beverages!



About katnissg

In high school I was always in shape- i was on the swim team and could eat whatever I wanted. Then came college. Beer, pizza, macaroni and cheese, plus a dingy gym facility that made you feel you needed a shower before you even broke a sweat skyrocketed my weight up to nearly 200 lbs. 2 years after I graduated and had a steady job, I broke up with my boyfriend, moved closer to work (eliminating a 45 minute commute) and revolutionized the way I eat. I lost 60 lbs and felt amazing. These days I love learning about health, clean eating, and food activism. I am a Revolutionary Eater.
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