Nut Milk Recipes


The Absolute BEST recipe for thick and creamy Vegan Chocolate Milk:

1/2 Cup Raw Cashews

1/2 Cup Walnut Meats

4 dates

1-2 TBSP Dark Cocoa Powder

2-3 Drops Vanilla Extract

1 TSP Bee Pollen (optional)


Directions: Soak cashews and walnut meats in water overnight or 8 hours. Place pitted dates, cocoa powder, bee pollen into blender. Pour the cashews and walnuts, with their water into blender. Fill blender with more water, leaving 1-2 inches of room from the top and then add vanilla extract. Blend on high (I use the “whip/liquify” setting on mine) for approximately 2 minutes. (I usually turn it on and leave it while I make my morning juice.) Voila! No need to strain, because there is no noticeable pulp left.

This milk comes out SO creamy and silky, its just sweet enough without being overpowering and is a truly lovely substitute for chocolate milk.

* For a thicker more milkshake type texture, add 1 TBSP chia seeds to the nuts and soak overnight.


Almond Milk

1 Cup Almonds

1-2 TBSP Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

2 TBSP Raw Honey *OR* 3 pitted Dates

3 Drops Vanilla Extract

1-2 TBSP Dark Cocoa Powder (optional)

1-2 TSP Bee Pollen (optional)

Soak almonds 8+ hours or overnight in water. Put coconut, dates, bee pollen and cocoa powder in blender. Pour in Almonds and water, fill with water leaving approximately 2 inches of space from the top of the blender. If using honey, now add honey. Add vanilla. Blend on high speed (I use the Whip/Liquify setting) for 2-3 minutes. Strain using either a nut bag or a fine mesh strainer.

I have been saving my almond pulp and dehydrating it/baking it on super low heats until dry to use as almond meal, because organic almond meal is expensive and throwing the leftovers away seems criminal!


This is my almond meal. I’ve spread it out as thin as I can with a spoon to dry it out evenly.  Once dry, simply scrape off and store in an airtight container to use later! I haven’t tried any recipes yet (I’m on a juice fast) but I can’t wait to give some of these recipes a try!

The above two recipes can be adapted for virtually any nut out there!
So far I have done Cashews, Walnuts (these 2 are my favorites so far), Brazil Nuts, Almonds, and Pistachios.


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In high school I was always in shape- i was on the swim team and could eat whatever I wanted. Then came college. Beer, pizza, macaroni and cheese, plus a dingy gym facility that made you feel you needed a shower before you even broke a sweat skyrocketed my weight up to nearly 200 lbs. 2 years after I graduated and had a steady job, I broke up with my boyfriend, moved closer to work (eliminating a 45 minute commute) and revolutionized the way I eat. I lost 60 lbs and felt amazing. These days I love learning about health, clean eating, and food activism. I am a Revolutionary Eater.
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